Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wedding flowers: Peonies!

Before I was engaged, I was certainly not a "flower person." However, after planning my wedding, I now find myself picking up fresh bouquets at the grocery store to replace the artificial ones in the vase on my coffee table.

While I was planning my wedding, I secured a florist early on but sort of forgot about her. I finally did contact her six weeks out and, at that point, I was so flustered with everything else I basically said, "Hi. I like pink. I like these flowers: (insert pictures here). Please do what you think. Thanks!"

If I could go back, I would choose a bouquet made up entirely of peonies. I'm partial to neutral and blush colors, and I would likely pick a dramatic, large bouquet of white for myself. For my bridesmaids, I'd choose large bouquets of blush peonies and roses (my favourite).

Here are some photos for inspiration!

I absolutely love this bouquet! So simple and romantic. 

For someone who wants a little something extra, consider adding peacock or ostrich feathers!

A refreshing change, since a lot of peony bouquets and centerpieces feature the flower in pale colors; great for a spring wedding.