Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wedding flowers: Peonies!

Before I was engaged, I was certainly not a "flower person." However, after planning my wedding, I now find myself picking up fresh bouquets at the grocery store to replace the artificial ones in the vase on my coffee table.

While I was planning my wedding, I secured a florist early on but sort of forgot about her. I finally did contact her six weeks out and, at that point, I was so flustered with everything else I basically said, "Hi. I like pink. I like these flowers: (insert pictures here). Please do what you think. Thanks!"

If I could go back, I would choose a bouquet made up entirely of peonies. I'm partial to neutral and blush colors, and I would likely pick a dramatic, large bouquet of white for myself. For my bridesmaids, I'd choose large bouquets of blush peonies and roses (my favourite).

Here are some photos for inspiration!

I absolutely love this bouquet! So simple and romantic. 

For someone who wants a little something extra, consider adding peacock or ostrich feathers!

A refreshing change, since a lot of peony bouquets and centerpieces feature the flower in pale colors; great for a spring wedding.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bridesmaid gifts: Kate Spade spotlight

Jewelry does not have to be "cliche" or "boring"; think of something that you would love to have, but probably wouldn't buy for yourself. I decided to dedicate this gift post to Kate Spade's designs because I have been lusting over everything, and I'm sure that I'm not alone!
If you'd prefer to give something other than jewelry, included are some other unique, but practical gift ideas.

Statement necklace

Scotty studs

Variation on classic pearls

Bold cuff

Mug for your nerdy smart bridesmaid

Cute ski hat


All gifts can be found on