Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bridal Shower Alternatives

As more and more couples cohabitate prior to marriage, a traditional bridal shower may slightly redundant. Personally, I politely requested that I was not thrown a bridal shower when quizzed about potential dates and the guest list. I was not ungrateful that my family and friends wanted to throw the celebration in my honour, however, I simply did not need anything. I had been living with my then-fiancĂ© for a couple of years and we had everything that we needed. Aside from that, I also didn't feel comfortable with my family, friends, and bridesmaids spending any more money because of our wedding.

In lieu of a bridal shower, my wedding party, mom, and mother-in-law, threw me a party that I will never forget. It was simple and casual, with some extremely thoughtful, personal touches. When inviting guests, they said it was a low-key celebration and mentioned that it was best-wishes only. I did receive a few gifts, all of which I loved and appreciated.

So, what can you do if you don’t want a bridal shower, or you are a friend or family member of a bride who has asked that she not be thrown one? Here are some alternatives:

Showers with gift-giving options

Lingerie shower
A lingerie shower is great for a bride-to-be who already lives with her future spouse. A girl can certainly have too many hand towels, but she can never have enough lingerie.

How to do it:
Send invitations that specify what the shower is and make sure to include the bride’s bra and panty sizes. Including her favourite shops might be helpful, too, for a guest that would prefer to give a gift card.

Honeymoon shower
A honeymoon shower will likely include gifts of lingerie from some guests, but it can also be expanded to include items that would be helpful for the honeymoon. For example: bathing suits, luggage, and reading materials for the beach.

How to do it:
Send invitations that specify what the shower is and make sure to include the bride’s sizes.

Stock the Bar
A stock the bar shower is popular for both women and men. You could opt to include the groom, and his friends and family, in a stock the bar shower. The purpose of this shower is, as suggested, to stock the newlywed’s bar.

How to do it:
Send invitations instructing guests to bring with them a recipe for their favourite drink, and everything needed for the couple to make in the future. 

Shower ideas that do not include gift-giving

Recipe shower
A recipe shower is a nice way to get friends and family together for a shower atmosphere (food and maybe some games). You could choose to purchase a cookbook or recipe box and put all of the guests recipe cards inside to give to the bride.

How to do it:
Send invitations asking guests to bring along their favourite recipe, and not to forget a recipe card with the ingredients and directions.
Spa party
A spa party is a nice alternative for a get-together with the bridal party, and perhaps a few close family members and friends.

How to do it:
Gather girly necessities such as face masks, wax, and makeup and nail polish and slip into something cozy such as pyjamas or robes. Serve quality cheeses, chocolate, and wine.

  • What are your thoughts on bridal showers?
  • Do you have any ideas for alternatives to a bridal shower?

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  1. What a great idea! Now I just need the boyfriend to put a ring on it so that I can try one of these, as we already live together and have tons of stuff! :)