Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For the Groom

Let me preface this post by saying that I don't think this is the case for all couples. However, most wedding-related decisions are made by one person, and it is usually the bride. So, I thought I would mention some of my favourite ways to add some personalization to your wedding, in favour of the groom.

Groom's Cake
The groom's cake is said to have been started, originally, as a plain fruit cake that was often given to guests at the wedding. This tradition has lost it's popularity, however. Now, the groom's cake is usually provided by the bride or family and is often a symbol of the groom's interests or personality.

Many brides are after a stunning, delicate garter. No doubt, knowing that something lacy is hiding under your dress only adds to how beautiful you feel that day. However, if you are playing along with the now-customary "garter toss" then your groom will likely be removing it, and the first person who will see it. Why not surprise him with something that is reflective of him? Favourite sports team, hobbies (ie: a camo garter for a man who hunts).

Etsy is a great website for custom-made garters that are inexpensive and great quality. I was able to find someone to custom make a race car themed garter for me for $20.00 including shipping. I received two garters - one to toss, and one for my husband to keep.

Likely, whether you have a D.J. or a live band, music options will be dicussed together. However, why not send a list of your groom's top five favourite songs and request that they be played throughout the night? This is especially thoughtful if his favourite genre isn't generally included in Top 40 hits, as that is what is usually played at a wedding to keep people on the dance floor.

Think of what he would love to receive as a small gift, and work with this for your wedding favours. Is he a green thumb? Give out packages of seeds for planting. Does he have a major sweet tooth? Consider chocolate bars with custom wraps (check out Whimsy Wraps for some great custom options). You can find ways to customize almost anything on the web.

When you are a bride with full reign over the details of your wedding, it is often easy to focus on what you want exclusively. Speaking from personal experience, I had a groom who cared, but also didn't care. Of course he cared about the wedding, but the details were lost on him. Colours, flowers, decor - none of this was important. Couple this with my control-freak personality, and decision making was certainly easy. However, I didn't forget to include some small details that let him know that it was his wedding, too.

  •  Did you or are you including any personal "groom" details?

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