Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bouquet wrap inspiration

Perhaps you've already decided that your bridal bouquet will be wrapped in ribbon and adorned with jewels. Or, maybe you're going the rusticn birch bark route. Maybe you're like me and you didn't even think about it until your florist asked. Here are some various bouquet wraps to inspire you.

Matching ribbon with jewels
So simple with only one type of flower in one color, but so gorgeous with a different hue ribbon wrap adorned with jewels

Matching fabric with brooch

White ribbon and jewels

All jewels

Colored rope
I love the way the pink rope pops with the purple and subtle hints of pink in the florals

Cameo addition




This is my favourite of all the bouquet wraps - it is so unique

Love the imperfection of this bark as compared to the more popular birch bark wraps

Some ideas that have popped into my mind while writing this post:
  • denim
  • plaid
  • an old tie from a family member (father ,grandfather, etc.)
  • inspired by your groom (ie: if he loves boating, wrap in nautical rope; if he is a musician, hang a guitar pick)
  • Do you have any ideas? Which bouquet wrap is your favourite?

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