Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rustic ceremony decor

I don’t know if rustic weddings can be considered a trend or not. If I had to bet, I would say that they are here to stay. They are always so full of personal touches and there is something very much down to earth about it. Here is some inspiration for rustic touches to add to your outdoor ceremony. These can easily be moved indoors in case of rain or weddings held during the colder months. Another useful thing about most of these options is that they can be transported from ceremony site to reception for centerpieces, receiving table décor, etc.

Stumps lining the aisle
You could customise with anything you want on top and surrounding the stumps (or nothing!) Some ideas: lanterns, mason jars, vases, candles. I am loving the wildflowers featured in the photo below.

Jars or vases hanging from chairs
The great thing about these is that they can easily be transported from ceremony to reception and used as centerpieces for guest tables, head table, receiving table, etc.

Baby’s breath tied to chairs with burlap bow
Transport these to the reception by taking big bunches and placing them in galvanized buckets or vases of your choice.

Floral “trees”
These are gorgeous! Bunches of large sticks topped with a bouquet of flowers and made to look like trees. You could DIY or ask or florist to create something similar.

Lanterns hanging from shepards hooks
Inexpensive and pretty décor.

Grapevine balls
You can find grapevine balls from 6" to 96" on and they come with an option of with our without lights. These can be used again in or outside of your home - great for autumn and winter decorating.

I love arches made from wood, with or without the addition of flowers they’re great focal points at the ceremony (or is that just because of the couple standing underneath…)

Wine barrels
Winery wedding or not, wine barrels are a great rustic addition. So that the wine barrel doesn’t overpower the décor that you decide to put on top, make it big: large lanterns or floral arrangements are great. Or, you can leave them bare!

Hay bail seats
Cover with various sheets or quilts and you have seats for guests! Not just for barn weddings, this would be a great option for winery weddings and backyard weddings.

Wooden signs
A hand painted wooden sign that shows guests where to go is practical and charming.

  • What do you think of rustic or country weddings? 

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